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Advanced FX

Advanced FX

Preliminary Information

Sprites described as 'active' generally have two qualities: 1) Coded behaviour and functions, and 2) Responsiveness to in-game gravity. Sprites described as 'inactive' generally do not share either of these traits. This definition is not absolute; There are some exceptions in both cases. For example, security cameras do not respond to gravity but are considered 'active', and switches have coded functions but are considered 'inactive'. Generally speaking, a "Switch" includes all types of switches: standard Switches, Access Switches, Combination Switches, and the MultiSwitch. However, when constructing effects that use switches, try to avoid using the Combination Switches: DIPSWITCH (#162), TECHSWITCH (#166), or ALIENSWITCH (#1142) unless the tutorial specifically requests that you use them. Also remember that sprites are "foot-centered" by default: The height of a sprite is determined according to its bottom. Lastly, note that the descriptive term "Multiplayer" includes Co-Operative mode, whereas "DukeMatch" does not.

Most of the following effects are demonstrated in TUTORIAL.MAP, and can be found by looking up the corresponding section and alphanumeric value.



Horizontally Moving Sectors

Vertically Moving Sectors

Rotating Sectors







General Effects

Ending Levels


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