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Game Secrets

Game Secrets

This section reveals every known secret in the game. This includes secret levels, secret places, secret messages, secret combinations, and even some "unofficial" secret places. Unofficial secret places are quite hidden but are not counted in the end-level tally. The corresponding map filenames and authors are listed next to the level titles. The level designers are listed according to the signatures in each map. The only exception is Levelord's work in Episode 4, which went uncredited in the official documents. These revised credits are based on his statements and the fact that his signature appears in Critical Mass.

L.A. Meltdown

Hollywood Holocaust E1L1.MAP Allen H Blum III
Red Light District E1L2.MAP Allen H Blum III
Death Row E1L3.MAP Allen H Blum III
Toxic Dump E1L4.MAP Allen H Blum III
The Abyss E1L5.MAP Richard Bailey Gray (Levelord)
Launch Facility E1L6.MAP Allen H Blum III
Faces of Death (DM) E1L7.MAP Allen H Blum III
User Map (DM) E1L8.MAP Allen H Blum III

Lunar Apocalypse

Spaceport E2L1.MAP Allen H Blum III
Incubator E2L2.MAP Richard Bailey Gray (Levelord)
Warp Factor E2L3.MAP Richard Bailey Gray (Levelord)
Fusion Station E2L4.MAP Allen H Blum III
Occupied Territory E2L5.MAP Allen H Blum III
Tiberius Station E2L6.MAP Allen H Blum III
Lunar Reactor E2L7.MAP Allen H Blum III
Dark Side E2L8.MAP Allen H Blum III
Overlord E2L9.MAP Allen H Blum III
Spin Cycle E2L10.MAP Richard Bailey Gray (Levelord)
Lunatic Fringe E2L11.MAP Richard Bailey Gray (Levelord)

Shrapnel City

Raw Meat E3L1.MAP Richard Bailey Gray (Levelord)
Bank Roll E3L2.MAP Richard Bailey Gray (Levelord)
Flood Zone E3L3.MAP Richard Bailey Gray (Levelord)
L.A. Rumble E3L4.MAP Richard Bailey Gray (Levelord)
Movie Set E3L5.MAP Richard Bailey Gray (Levelord)
Rabid Transit E3L6.MAP Richard Bailey Gray (Levelord)
Fahrenheit E3L7.MAP Richard Bailey Gray (Levelord)
Hotel Hell E3L8.MAP Richard Bailey Gray (Levelord)
Stadium E3L9.MAP Allen H Blum III
Tier Drops E3L10.MAP Richard Bailey Gray (Levelord)
Freeway E3L11.MAP Allen H Blum III

The Birth

It's Impossible E4L1.MAP Randall S Pitchfird II
Duke-Burger E4L2.MAP Allen H Blum III
Shop-N-Bag E4L3.MAP Richard Bailey Gray (Levelord) / George Broussard
Babe Land E4L4.MAP Allen H Blum III
Pigsty E4L5.MAP 99.44% Richard Bailey Gray (Levelord) / 0.66% Randall S Pitchfird II
Going Postal E4L6.MAP Allen H Blum III
XXX-Stacy E4L7.MAP Richard Bailey Gray (Levelord) / Keith Schuler
Critical Mass E4L8.MAP Richard Bailey Gray (Levelord) / Keith Schuler
Derelict E4L9.MAP Allen H Blum III
The Queen E4L10.MAP Randall S Pitchfird II
Area 51 E4L11.MAP Randall S Pitchfird II

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