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This is based on a post from the Apogee message base which was written by Per-Erik Nilsson. I've expanded the information to include things I felt were important. Everything is measured in Z-units of 1024 (how many times you press PGUP/PGDN). In the shooting measurements, the aiming was centered. In the sprite height measurement, the sprite was floor-aligned.

Measurement Z-Units (Duke Standing) Z-Units (Duke Crouching)
Minimum height for Duke to enter a sector 11 (10) *a 7 (6) *b
Minimum height for shrunken Duke to enter a sector 4 3
Maximum height that Duke will automatically climb 3 0
Maximum sprite height that Duke will automatically climb 9 4
Maximum height of floor Duke can shoot above 8 (9) *c 3 (4) *c
Minimum height of ceiling Duke can shoot below 10 (9) *c 5 (4) *c
Minimum height of ceiling Duke can shoot below (using RPG) 11 6
Maximum height of floor Duke can jump up to 20 0
Minimum height of wall to place tripbomb on 10 4
Minimum height of floor Duke can take cover behind 12 8
Maximum height Duke can fall before taking damage 43 48
Maximum height Duke (w/100+ health) can fall and survive 357 *d 362 *d

*a Duke can also enter sectors with a height of 10, but he will automatically duck.
*b Duke can fit into a sector with a height of 6, but his sprite will be clipped by the ceiling.
*c The second value is when only some of the shots will clear.
*d Duke seems to hit a terminal velocity kill boundary when falling, because the death values given here are identical for anything 100 health or above.

The minimum hallway width Duke can fit through is 11 squares on grid size 6 in Build, or 21 squares on grid size 7 in Mapster32.

The most common pixel repeat values (size) used for sprites throughout the official maps depends on the type of sprite. Most weapons and items are 32,32, except pistol ammo which is often 16,16, and individual pipebombs which tend to be either 16,16 or 8,8. The majority of enemies are 40,40. In any case, multiples of 8 and square aspect ratios tend to look best. Remember that you can use any values regardless, and that many 'active' sprites are automatically resized in-game anyway. Check the "References - Compatibility Listings" section for the complete list. If you are creating an effect that makes use of many of the 10 intangible special sprites crammed together in a small space, resize the special sprites to smaller dimensions to make them easier to work with. Their size will not affect their functionality.

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