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*Welcome to The Duke Nukem 3D Informational Suite by Ryan Lennox*

-  Version 7.3  -

-Added information about some unlisted effects in the References - Sector/Effector Tags section.
-Added "RemoteRidicule" section to the References - Sound List page.
-Added "Adult Mode" to the References - Compatibility Listings page.
-Added "Sprite Repeat Values" to the References - Compatibility Listings page.
-Added "The Modern Sliding Door" to the Sliding Door tutorials (updated TUTORIAL.MAP accordingly).
-Added a brief blurb in The Basics section about creating full circles (with images).
-Documented the functionality of the MONK, LUKE, INDY, and JURYGUY sprites (updated TUTORIAL.MAP accordingly).
-Almost 20 years after the game's release, I realize that the Cycler sprite is affected by Hi-Tag and Angle.
-The refinement, it never ends.

-  Version 7.0  -

-Added the Underwater Airlock to Advanced FX and TUTORIAL.MAP.
-Added another method for Multi-Level Elevators to Advanced FX and TUTORIAL.MAP.
-Added the Sliding Mirror Door to TUTORIAL.MAP because its absence was bothering me.
-Added Sliding Window Door to the Sliding Door tutorials (updated TUTORIAL.MAP accordingly).
-Improved Sliding Door tutorials so the doors can be opened without having to face them (updated TUTORIAL.MAP accordingly).
-Fixed error in tutorials regarding Sloped Underwater Surfaces (updated TUTORIAL.MAP accordingly).
-Added *massive* new Reference Page: Compatibility Listings (been wanting this for ages).
-Changed the "Ceiling Fall From Explosion" example in TUTORIAL.MAP.
-Rearranged some pages in Advanced FX (updated TUTORIAL.MAP accordingly).
-Guess what? I refined things.

-  Version 6.1  -

-The online version of the InfoSuite is now alternatively hosted at Duke4 after DNR temporarily expired.
-Compressed all PNG images to maximum, resulting in a 9% total filesize reduction.
-Added information about SE 26 (Escalator) to the Sector/Effector Tags section.
-Revised the demolition and explosives information (so many nuances with those sprites).
-Revised the wave effect description and the example in TUTORIAL.MAP.
-Fixed major issue with TUTORIAL.MAP: The map was outside of Build's original grid boundaries!
-Fixed error: had been referring to "OOZFILTER" as nonexistent "OOZCAN" (damn the official documents!).
-Renamed clumsy Reference page title "Lesser Known Features" to "Oddities", and expanded the information.
-Further refinement of the Two-Way Train information.
-Expanded the Custom Sound Effects/Music information.
-Expanded the FAQ section with "Lighting Issues" and "Customization Issues".
-LOADS of minor information fixed/updated/added/revised, and various finetuning of TUTORIAL.MAP.

-  Version 5.6  -

-Vastly improved the Sound List Reference.
-Added new Reference page: Console Commands.
-Added new Reference page: Cstat Flags.
-Added new Reference page: Mapster32 Features.
-Added Walls B4: Slanted Wall Shading to Advanced FX and TUTORIAL.MAP.
-Added Walls B5: Layered Walls to Advanced FX and TUTORIAL.MAP.
-Added Secret Combinations to Game Secrets.
-Updated, expanded and organized the FAQ section.
-Finally organized some References with tables.
-Merged some pages in Advanced FX (updated TUTORIAL.MAP accordingly).
-Further expanded and refined The Basics.
-Revised both Keypress sections.
-Fixed errors in the Earthquake section.
-Proofread everything; Revised random text all over the guide.
-Filename/URL case-sensitivity is now GNU/Linux-friendly.
-Cleaned up all of the HTML code.
-Filled in missing bits of information.
-Fixed a myriad of minor mistakes.
-Corrected more sodding orthographic misprints.

-  Version 4.7  -

-Added new Reference page: Mapster32 Keys.
-Added new Reference page: Program Parameters.
-Fixed more bloody spelling mistakes (They are like insects and I must crush them).
-Refined The Basics just a bit more.
-Added Doors D10: Convex Door to Advanced FX and TUTORIAL.MAP.
-Updated SFX A6 with a more efficient method for simulated ambience.
-Added undocumented ST 3 to Sector/Effector Tags section.
-Updated TUTORIAL.MAP to reflect changes made throughout the guide.

-  Version 4.3  -

-InfoSuite goes online at Kim Robinson's Duke Nukem Repository.
-Fixed and improved some more minor information.
-Adapted the online guide design to the offline package.
-Fixed an error in the Piston section.
-Fixed level designer credits for Episode 4: The Birth.
-The Basics section is now linked together.

-  Version 4.0  -

-First release on March 24,2008 as "The Duke Nukem 3D Informational Suite".
-All images converted to 256 colours.
-Developed a prong depth formula for Teeth Doors.
-Improved the colour-coding scheme.
-Rewrote most of the Advanced FX and Basics.
-Compiled all of the effects into the incredible new TUTORIAL.MAP.
-Rewrote the Sector/Effector Tags section.
-Added new page to Tricks: Simulating 3D Objects.
-Added new page to SFX: Staged Sounds.
-Removed "Modes of Parallaxing" upon discovering it had no effect in-game.
-Added new Reference page: Special Textures.
-Added new Reference page: Dimensions.
-Added new Reference page: Lesser Known Features.

-  Version 3.0  -

-Fixed and updated so many things I can't even recall them all.
-Removed Drill tutorial and DRILL.MAP (too glitchy).
-Removed installation page (useless).
-Updated Sprites section "Cranes".
-Updated and combined the SectorEffectors/Sector Tags References.
-Added every game secret to References (guide doubled in size).
-Updated Sound Reference and Ambient Sound Listing.

-  Version 2.5  -

-Updated Tricks section "Ladders" and TRICKS.MAP.
-Updated Walls section "Mirrors" and WALLS.MAP.
-Updated Tricks section "Enemy Effects".
-Spent hours working on the "Rising Submergible Water on Sloped Surfaces" effect.
-Added "Reflective Sprites" to Tricks section and TRICKS.MAP.
-Added "Reflective Floors" to Tricks section and TRICKS.MAP.
-Added "Ladders" to Tricks section and TRICKS.MAP.
-Remodelled "The Basics" section and massively expanded on it.
-Fixed more minor errors and added more minor info.

-  Version 2.0  -

-Fixed more typos/grammar/spelling errors (I don't rely on spellcheckers).
-Updated the transparent water tutorial.
-Fixed various errors/added stuff to some example maps.
-Finally added info about switch-activated slopes.
-Image format converted from .BMP to .PNG (a 90% decrease in filesize).
-Added ambient sound listing for the Atomic Edition.
-Deleted duplicate images to save space.

-  Version 1.2  -

-Fixed error: "RCV" changed to "RPV" (Recon Patrol Vehicle).
-Fixed mistakes in troubleshooting section.
-Fixed errors in the Respawning Sprites Tutorial.
-Fixed plenty of errors.

-  Version 1.0  -

-Built the groundwork (under the long-running title "The Build Tutorial").

-Legal Details-

The Duke Nukem 3D Informational Suite is Copyright 2003 by Ryan Lennox. All rights reserved. All 
revisions, updates, or modifications to this guide are to be done only by the author. You are allowed 
to distribute the packaged version of this guide through any electronic medium provided that:


All of the files are by Ryan Lennox, except any information specifically credited otherwise.
[dnr.jpg] and [style.css] are by Kim Robinson, and [duke4.png] is by RedSplat.

Duke Nukem 3D was created by 3D Realms, and Duke Nukem was a registered trademark of Apogee Software, Ltd.
Duke Nukem is now the intellectual property of Gearbox Software, LLC. All other trademarks mentioned herein
are acknowledged as such. 3D Realms does not support this guide. I will not be held responsible if something
bad happens to you, your computer, or your computer files upon using this guide. I hope you have fun with this stuff.

If you want to e-mail me for any reason, my address is []

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