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References - Console Commands

Console Commands

This is a list of the commands for use with the console in EDuke32/Mapster32. I give full credit to the EDukeWiki for this information, which seems to be the only place where this is documented. I have not had time to sort and organize this information as of yet, but I presume it will still be useful to those interested. The console can be accessed in either program with the ` "grave accent" key (it also has a ~ "tilde" character on the same key and it is to the left of the number 1 on standard keyboards). This key is customizable in eduke32.cfg with the "Show_Console" key binding (or within the game itself), and in mapster32.cfg with the "keyconsole" value.

Command Effect
cl_angleinterpolation enable/disable angle interpolation
cl_autoaim enable/disable weapon autoaim
cl_automsg enable/disable automatically sending messages to all players
cl_autovote enable/disable automatic voting
cl_democams enable/disable demo playback cameras
cl_idplayers enable/disable name display when aiming at opponents
cl_obituaries enable/disable Multiplayer death messages
cl_showcoords show your position in the game world
cl_viewbob enable/disable player head bobbing
cl_weaponsway enable/disable player weapon swaying
cl_weaponswitch enable/disable auto weapon switching
crosshair enable/disable crosshair
hud_althud enable/disable alternate mini-hud
hud_flashing enable/disable althud flashing
hud_glowingquotes enable/disable "glowing" quote text
hud_messagetime length of time to display Multiplayer chat messages
hud_numberpal pal for alt hud numbers
hud_numbertile first tile in alt hud number set
hud_shadows enable/disable althud shadows
hud_showmapname enable/disable map name display on load
hud_stats enable/disable level statistics display
hud_textscale sets Multiplayer chat message size
in_mousebias emulates the original mouse code's weighting of input towards whichever axis is moving the most at any given time
in_mousedeadzone amount of mouse movement to filter out
in_mousesmoothing enable/disable mouse input smoothing
osdhightile enable/disable hires art replacements for console text
r_anamorphic enable/disable widescreen mode
r_drawweapon enable/disable weapon drawing
r_precache enable/disable the pre-level caching routine
r_projectionhack enable/disable projection hack
r_shadows enable/disable sprite and model shadows
r_showfps show the frame rate counter
snd_ambience toggles ambient sounds
snd_duketalk toggles Duke's speech
snd_fxvolume volume of sound effects
snd_mixrate sound mixing rate
snd_musvolume volume of midi music
snd_numbits sound bits
snd_numchannels the number of sound channels
snd_numvoices the number of concurrent sounds
snd_reversestereo reverses the stereo channels

Command Effect
addpath <path> adds path to game filesystem
corruptcheck now prints out a list of all map corruptions, along with numbers used to refer to them and a short description
corruptcheck tryfix [num] attempts to repair the corruption [num] if given, or all of them otherwise
echo [text] echoes text to the console
editorgridextent sets the size of the 2D mode editing grid
fileinfo <file> gets a file's information
gamma <value> changes brightness
initgroupfile <path> adds a grp file into the game filesystem
noclip toggles clipping mode
pk_quickmapcycling allows cycling of maps with (Shift+)Ctrl+X
pk_turnaccel sets turning acceleration
pk_turndecel sets turning deceleration
pk_uedaccel sets UnrealEd movement speed factor (0-5, exponentially)
quit exits the game immediately
testplay_addparam <string> sets additional parameters for test playing
sensitivity <value> changes the mouse sensitivity
showheightindicators <value> toggles height indicators in 2D mode

Command Effect
glinfo shows OpenGL information about the current OpenGL mode
hicsetpalettetint sets palette tinting values
r_novoxmips toggle the use of mipmaps when rendering 8-bit voxels
r_scrcaptureformat sets the output format for screenshots (TGA or PCX)
r_voxels enable/disable automatic sprite->voxel rendering
setrendermode <number> sets the engine's rendering mode

    Mode numbers are:

  • 0: Classic Build software
  • 1: Polymost - Polygonal flat-shaded software (removed)
  • 2: Polymost - Polygonal textured software (removed)
  • 3: Polymost - Polygonal OpenGL
  • 4: Polymer

Command Effect
restartvid reinitialize the video mode
vidmode <xdim> <ydim> <bpp> <fullscreen> immediately change the video mode

Command Effect
alias creates an alias for calling multiple commands
clear clears the console text buffer
exec <scriptfile> executes a script
help displays help for the specified cvar or command
history displays the console command history
listsymbols lists all the recognized symbols
logcutoff sets the maximal line count of the log file
osdeditpal sets the palette of the OSD input text
osdeditshade sets the shade of the OSD input text
osdpromptpal sets the palette of the OSD prompt
osdpromptshade sets the shade of the OSD prompt
osdrows sets the number of visible lines of the OSD
osdtextmode set OSD text mode (0: graphical, 1: fast)
osdtextpal sets the palette of the OSD text
osdtextshade sets the shade of the OSD text
unalias removes an alias created with "alias"

Command Effect
addlogvar <gamevar> prints the value of a gamevar
addpath <path> adds path to game filesystem
bind executes a command script when <key> gets pressed. Type "bind showkeys" for a list of keys
changelevel <level> warps to the given level
changelevel <volume> <level> warps to the given episode and level
cmenu <#> jumps to menu
crosshaircolor changes crosshair color
crosshairscale changes the crosshair scale
echo [text] echoes text to the console
exit exits the game immediately
fileinfo <file> gets a file's information
give <item> gives requested item (all, health, weapons, ammo, armor, keys or inventory)
god toggles god mode
hud_scale changes the hud scale
hud_weaponscale changes the weapon scale
in_joystick enables input from the joystick if it is present
in_mouse enables input from the mouse if it is present
initgroupfile <path> adds a grp file into the game filesystem
map <mapfile> loads the given user map
name change your Multiplayer nickname
noclip toggles clipping mode
quickload performs a quick load
quicksave performs a quick save
quit exits the game immediately
r_ambientlight sets the global map light level
r_maxfps sets a framerate cap
rate sets the Multiplayer packet send rate, in packets/sec
restartsound reinitializes the sound system
restartvid reinitializes the video mode
screenshot takes a screenshot
sensitivity <value> changes the mouse sensitivity
setactorvar <actor#> <gamevar> <value> sets the value of <actor#>'s <gamevar> to <value>
setvar <gamevar> <value> sets the value of a gamevar
setvarvar <gamevar1> <gamevar2> sets the value of <gamevar1> to <gamevar2>
spawn <picnum> [palnum] [cstat] [ang] [x y z] spawns a sprite with the given properties
unbind <key> unbinds a key
unbindall unbinds all keys
vid_brightness <gamma> adjusts gamma ramp
vid_contrast <gamma> adjusts gamma ramp
vid_gamma <gamma> adjusts gamma ramp
vidmode <xdim> <ydim> <bpp> <fullscreen> immediately change the video mode

Command Effect
r_animsmoothing enable/disable model animation smoothing
r_curpeel allows to display one depth layer at a time (for development purposes)
r_depthpeeling enable/disable order-independent transparency
r_detailmapping enable/disable detail mapping
r_downsize controls downsizing factor for hires textures
r_fullbrights enable/disable fullbright textures
r_glowmapping enable/disable glow mapping
r_hightile enable/disable hightile texture rendering in >8-bit mode
r_modelocclusionchecking enable/disable hack to cull "obstructed" models
r_models enable/disable model rendering in >8-bit mode
r_multisample sets the number of samples used for antialiasing (0 = OFF)
r_nvmultisamplehint enable/disable Nvidia multisampling hinting
r_parallaxskyclamping enable/disable parallaxed floor/ceiling sky texture clamping
r_parallaxskypanning enable/disable parallaxed floor/ceiling panning when drawing a parallaxed sky
r_peelscount sets the number of depth layers for depth peeling
r_polygonmode debugging feature
r_redbluemode enable/disable experimental OpenGL red-blue glasses mode
r_shadescale multiplier for lighting
r_swapinterval sets the GL swap interval (VSync)
r_texcache enable/disable OpenGL compressed texture cache
r_texcachecompression enable/disable compression of files in the OpenGL compressed texture cache
r_texcompr enable/disable OpenGL texture compression
r_textureanisotropy changes the OpenGL texture anisotropy setting
r_texturemaxsize changes the maximum OpenGL texture size limit
r_texturemiplevel changes the highest OpenGL mipmap level used
r_texturemode changes the texture filtering settings
r_vbocount sets the number of Vertex Buffer Objects to use when drawing models
r_vbos enable/disable using Vertex Buffer Objects when drawing models
r_vertexarrays enable/disable using vertex arrays when drawing models

Command Effect
r_pr_lighting enable/disable dynamic lights
r_pr_normalmapping enable/disable virtual displacement mapping
r_pr_specularmapping enable/disable specular mapping
r_pr_shadows enable/disable dynamic shadows
r_pr_shadowcount maximal amount of shadow emitting lights on screen
r_pr_shadowdetail sets the shadow map resolution
r_pr_maxlightpasses the maximal amount of lights a single object can by affected by
r_pr_maxlightpriority lowering this value removes less meaningful lights from the scene
r_pr_fov sets the field of vision in build angle
r_pr_billboardingmode face sprite display method (0: classic mode, 1: polymost mode)
r_pr_verbosity verbosity level of the polymer renderer
r_pr_wireframe toggles wireframe mode
r_pr_vbos contols Vertex Buffer Object usage (0: no VBOs, 1: VBOs for map data, 2: VBOs for model data)
r_pr_gpusmoothing toggles model animation interpolation
r_pr_overrideparallax overrides parallax mapping scale and bias values with values from the pr_parallaxscale and pr_parallaxbias cvars; use it to fine-tune DEF tokens
r_pr_parallaxscale overriden parallax mapping offset scale
r_pr_parallaxbias overriden parallax mapping offset bias
r_pr_overridespecular overrides specular material power and factor values with values from the pr_specularpower and pr_specularfactor cvars; use it to fine-tune DEF tokens
r_pr_specularpower overriden specular material power
r_pr_specularfactor overriden specular material factor
r_pr_overridemodelscale used for fine tuning model scales

Command Effect
maxrefreshfreq maximum display frequency to set for OpenGL Polymost modes (0 = no maximum)
r_windowpositioning enable/disable window position memory

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