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Type these during normal gameplay for the desired effects. Very useful for playtesting your maps.

Cheat Effect
DNCORNHOLIO / DNKROZ Displays the message "God Mode: On"/"God Mode: Off" and toggles God mode.*
DNCLIP Displays the message "Clipping: Off"/"Clipping On" and toggles clipping, which allows you to walk through objects (best used with God mode enabled).
DNSTUFF Displays the message "Giving Everything!" and gives you 'everything': all fully-loaded weapons, keycards, and inventory (including full armor).
DNITEMS Displays the message "Giving Everything!" and gives you all keycards and inventory (including full armor).
DNINVENTORY Displays the message "Got All Inventory" and gives you all inventory (including full armor).
DNWEAPONS Displays the message "Got All Weapons/Ammo" and gives you all fully-loaded weapons.
DNKEYS Displays the message "Got All Keys" and gives you all keycards. The message seems to have been disabled in EDuke32.
DNHYPER Displays the message "Steroids", and gives immediate steroid injection. For some reason, it gives full nightvision as well.
DNMONSTERS Toggles monsters (enemies). This also displays the message "Monsters: Off"/"Monsters: On" in EDuke32.
DNCASHMAN Duke throws money when the action button is pressed.
DNVIEW Toggles third-person perspective. Same as hitting F7, except it also displays the message "You're Too Good To Be Cheating!". The message seems to have been disabled in EDuke32.
DNSCOTTY[E][LV] Warps to level: E = Episode number, LV = Level number. Note that the level number must be two digits (precede with a zero if necessary). "Scotty" is an obvious Star Trek reference ("Beam us up, Scotty!").
DNSKILL# Changes the skill level to # (0-9) and restarts the level. The skill settings are offset by -1. A value of 0 is actually a nonexistent skill level of -1 (even sprites with a skill setting Lo-Tag of 0 will not appear in the map). The values 2, 3, 4, and 5 are the official skill levels 1, 2, 3, and 4. The maximum value is 9, which would technically be considered skill level 8.
DNBETA Displays the message "Pirates Suck!".
DNTODD Displays the message "Register Cosmo Today!". Prior to v1.3d this was DNCOSMO, but purportedly it had to be changed due to a key conflict with an in-game function.
DNALLEN Displays the message "Buy Major Stryker".
DNTIME I saw this cheat listed in the source code. At first I didn't notice it do anything significant, but after testing it again later, I realized it displays the message "Crosshair: Off" and is not a side-effect of pressing the I key while typing in the cheat. It must be an abandoned or forgotten message-displaying cheat linked to quote #21 in USER.CON. Note: Somebody must have taken this as a bug report because the message has since been disabled in EDuke32.
DNRATE Displays the frame rate in FPS (Frames Per Second).
DNCOORDS Displays your current co-ordinates and some other technical parameters.
DNSHOWMAP Displays the message "Show Map: On"/"Show Map: Off" and toggles the entire map view in the top-down perspective mode.
DNUNLOCK Displays the message "All Locks Toggled". Unlocks all locked doors, opens all unlocked doors, and activates various other sector functions in the map, including elevators and stretching/shrinking sectors. Apparently this cheat does not work in the shareware version of the game.
DNDEBUG In the original game, this simply displayed debugging information in the top-left corner of the screen during gameplay. However, in EDuke32, this feature has become extremely useful: In addition to displaying debug information, it also saves the current state of the map to DEBUG.MAP, and the current state of the game variables to the eduke32.log file.

Macintosh Version

These are additional cheats only available in the Macintosh version of the game. I haven't tested them personally.

Cheat Effect
DN1984 Displays the message "Big Brother Is Watching!" and plays the Macintosh 1984 commercial (with sound) on the theatre screen in E1L1.MAP: "Hollywood Holocaust".
DNMACS Displays the message "Macs Rule!" and turns all security monitors into Macintosh Operating System desktops.
DNMONKEYMODE Displays the message "The Monkey Lives!". Apparently causes Duke to swing while firing. Type DN again to deactivate.

* You can enter the God mode cheat while dead to come back to life. Enabling God mode gives the player a jetpack as well. Jetpacks have infinite fuel while God mode is enabled.

There are two cheats listed in the source code which have been commented out (bypassing whatever function they may have had): DNBONUS and DNENDING.

Note: Cheats cannot be entered in "Damn I'm Good" mode. Typing DN in this mode will result in the message "You're too good to be cheating!". To enable God mode and/or other permanent cheats in the "Damn I'm Good" skill setting, simply enter the cheat in a lower skill setting, then start a new game in the "Damn I'm Good" skill setting (or just use the DNSKILL5 cheat to switch to it immediately).

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