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Advanced FX - Sprites - Mini-Bosses


Normally, when you kill the Episode 1 Boss, the ending cinematic will begin playing. This quick effect allows you to turn the Battlelord into a Mini-Boss. You can kill a Mini-Boss without triggering the cinematic.

Place the BOSS1 (#2630) or BOSS1STAYPUT (#2631) sprite wherever you want. Assign it a palette value of anything greater than 0 (21 is the standard choice). It will now be a Mini-Boss affected by that palette value.

If you want to spawn BOSS1 in Mini-Boss form, place an R[2630,Channel] (or R[2631,Channel] for BOSS1STAYPUT) and give it a palette value of anything greater than 0 (except 1, unless you want the Respawn to be Multiplayer-only) (21 is the standard choice). The Respawned Mini-Boss will be affected by that palette value. Place either a T[0,Channel] or a Switch tagged [ActivationSound,Channel] somewhere in the map (to trigger the respawn).


  • The Battlelord Mini-Boss has less than 1/4 the strength of the standard Battlelord Boss (1000/4500 to be exact).
  • Although you can technically turn the Overlord and Cycloid Emperor Bosses into Mini-Bosses, they were not properly coded for this purpose and will spawn with only one hit point, so a single shot will kill them.
  • The Alien Queen is not compatible as a Mini-Boss. The only trait she shares with other Mini-Bosses is her smaller size. She is not weaker, she still ends the episode, she still crushes a player in proximal range, and she even still lays Protector Drones, despite being barely larger than them.
  • Concerning the previous two points, there are also a myriad of other bugs that would require fixing. It is possible to modify the CON files to correct these problems, but that is beyond the scope of this guide to explain. If you want, you can download a copy of my own CON fix, "MYCON" from the Duke Nukem Repository. I must warn you though, it is very old and I am certain there are better options available.

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