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Advanced FX - Sprites - Demo Cameras

Demo Cameras

The Demo Camera is used to capture a third-person perspective while recording gameplay to a DMO file. DMO files play in the background while on the main menu screen.

Place an S[ViewingDistance,27] at the location and height which you want the camera to view from. If you want, you can assign it a palette value to make it easily distinguishable from other SectorEffectors (I usually use a palette value of 10). You will have to experiment with the ViewingDistance (a value of 7000 works good). Any areas out of camera range will be recorded from a first-person perspective. While recording a demo, all S sprites will appear as floating cameras (they do not appear at all during non-recorded gameplay). Recording stops the moment a player dies, or when the level is completed.

Note: Don't let two demo cameras "see" each other. They are also incapable of displaying mirrors (resulting in the HOM effect).

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