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Advanced FX - Sprites - A3 : Pool Table

Pool Table

The ability to play pool has always been one of the more renowned features of this game (right alongside the strippers). This effect is much easier to create than it seems, because the simple physics of the pool ball are automatic.

Create your pool table. Place POCKET (#903) sprites in the standard pool table locations (or anywhere you prefer). Use the R key to floor-align them. Place STRIPEBALLs (#901) and QUEBALLs (#902) on the table. None of the sprites are autosized in-game, so resize them realistically. Alter their palette values for variety (you can't quite match the standard pool ball colours... purple is missing). Use a palette value of 12 for the actual cueball.


Note: The POCKET sprites must be within the same sector as the pool balls, or else the balls cannot be pocketed. The pool balls are not allowed to leave their source sector, or else graphical glitches will occur.

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