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Advanced FX - Sprites - A1 : Security Cameras

Security Cameras

Security cameras can be viewed through using viewscreen monitors. They are simple to make, but fine-tuning them can be tricky.

Place a VIEWSCREEN (#499, #502) somewhere in the map. Tag it [Channel,0]. Place as many CAMERA1 (#621) sprites as you want, and tag each one [Rotation,Channel]. The angle of the camera will be its view angle, and its initial and central angle if the camera rotates. For Rotation (which is entirely optional), a value of 256 will make the camera rotate 45 degrees both clockwise and anticlockwise (a total rotation range of 90 degrees). The shade of the camera determines its vertical tilt angle (set the shade with Apostrophe ( ' ) + S). A negative (bright) shade will tilt the camera down. A positive (dark) shade will tilt the camera up. Larger values cause a steeper tilt.



  • Very low Rotation values will cause the camera to begin "malfunctioning" in a useful way. A value of 1 will rotate clockwise forever.
  • The camera display order is determined by sprite numbers, with higher numbers appearing earlier in the sequence. This means that the camera display order will be the exact reversal of the order in which they were placed.

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