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Advanced FX - Ending Levels - Nuke Button

Nuke Button

The Nuke Button will end the level when activated.

Next-Level Nuke Button

Place a NUKEBUTTON (#142) on a wall and give it any Lo-Tag value from: [0,1] to [0,65535]. The most commonly used Lo-Tags are: [0,32767], [0,65534], and [0,65535].

Secret-Level Nuke Button

Place a NUKEBUTTON (#142) on a wall. Give it a palette value of anything greater than 0 (3D Realms always used a value of 14), and tag it [0,LevelNumber]. LevelNumber determines which level within the current episode to warp to (valid values are 1-11). This is used both to warp to secret levels, and to return from secret levels back to the next chronological level in the episode.

Note: In EDuke32, the maximum number of levels per episode has been increased to 32 (from the original game's maximum of 11). The Secret-Level Nuke Button has been updated to accommodate for this increase accordingly.

Note: If a two-sided wall is blocked and has a non-zero overtile value (i.e. any masked texture except the default brown brick texture) assigned to it, the player will not be able to press 'through' the wall to activate a Nuke Button on the other side (even if the wall is unmasked). This also occurs if the two-sided wall is only blocked on one side (the side that the player is trying to press through). There are many cases in the original levels where the Nuke Button is encased in glass and cannot be activated until the glass is smashed, so this "feature" was certainly intentional.

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