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Advanced FX - Doors - Automatic Closing Doors

Automatic Closing Doors

This effect causes an opened door to automatically close after a specified period of time.

This is compatible with every type of door except Star Trek Doors and Sliding Doors. Place an S[Delay,10] within the door sector. The Delay value determines the amount of time that must pass before the door will close again after being operated. A Delay value of 30 = 1 second. If you use a very small Delay value (or none at all), you can create malfunctioning doors which partially open and then close immediately.

Note: If you use this effect with Sliding Doors or Star Trek Doors, they will open and close automatically forever. This sparked some ideas, so I played around with this feature and came up with a neat trick. Give the S a null Delay value and link the door to a Switch, and you'll have a stubborn malfunctioning door which takes multiple switch presses to jar open! For another trick that exploits the same feature, see "SFX - A6 : Staged Sounds".

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