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Advanced FX - Demolition - Explosives


Explosives are used to activate the majority of demolition effects in the game.

Explosives are sprites which explode when damaged. There are a few different sprites that do this: SEENINE (#1247), OOZFILTER (#1079), EXPLODINGBARREL (#1238), GUNPOWDERBARREL (#4360), and the underwater proximity explosive, BOUNCEMINE (#940). All of these sprites can be used to trigger nearby cracks or fire extinguishers, but only the SEENINE and OOZFILTER sprites can directly manipulate the shape of sectors (i.e. destroy walls, etc). If either of the SEENINE or OOZFILTER sprites are shrunken to their smallest horizontal size (in other words, made as thin as possible), they will become completely intangible in the game. If activated by a trigger, the intangible canister will cause a visible explosion in the game (provided that it has a Lo-Tag value, explanation follows). The SEENINE and OOZFILTER can also be used as time-delayed explosives, whether tangible or intangible, by assigning them a time-delay Lo-Tag value (a value of 30 = 1 second). An intangible explosive must have a time-delay Lo-Tag value or else it will not visibly or audibly explode (although it will still shake the screen, spawn debris, and manipulate the shape of sectors as usual). It is also recommended to assign time-delay Lo-Tag values to linked tangible explosives, because in the case of multiple tangible explosives, only the one with the largest sprite number will visibly and audibly explode. A direct hit to a tangible explosive will override its time-delay and cause it to detonate immediately (as would be sensibly expected). The SEENINE and the OOZFILTER sprites share all of the same capabilities, and differ only in appearance.

Note: Try altering the palette values of tangible explosives for variety.

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