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Advanced FX - Demolition - A1 : Blastable Walls

Blastable Walls

Blastable Walls will be blown apart when an explosion occurs near them.

Create the hole which will be revealed when the wall blows apart. Make a thin 'blastable wall' sector separating the hole from the room. Place an S[Channel,13] within the blastable wall sector. Make sure the angle of the S is facing up.


If you want to slope the floor or ceiling of the blastable wall sector, first you will have to set the sector's 'first wall' (with Alt + F). At pre-map, the floor and ceiling of the 'first wall' are moved together until they touch, so the slopes cannot extend above or below the first wall (in the image below, the first wall is the leftmost wall). Place a CRACK (#546)-(#549) tagged [Channel,0] on the wall and raise it to the desired height. Press 2 on the top half of the wall, then press O on the top and bottom half of the wall. This will orientate both halves separately so they'll look proper. The final step is to place an explosive weapon or canister nearby so the player can destroy the wall.



  • Blastable Walls do not retain bullet holes until they are destroyed.
  • More than one sector can be blown apart when the CRACK is blown up. Just link all of the S[Channel,13] with the same Channel value.
  • The CRACK can be of any size or transparency that you wish.
  • A CRACK with a palette value of anything greater than 0 (3D Realms always used a value of 1) will only be functional and visible in Multiplayer.
  • The CRACK can be replaced with a fire extinguisher (#916), or a SEENINE/OOZFILTER canister.
  • You can place intangible time-delayed SEENINE/OOZFILTER explosives tagged [Channel,DelayExplosion] anywhere you want (shrink them horizontally (x-wise) as much as possible) which will activate when the CRACK is blown up. For DelayExplosion, a value of 30 = 1 second. You must give the SEENINE/OOZFILTER sprites a Lo-Tag value or else they will not visibly or audibly explode (although they will still shake the screen and spawn debris). It is also recommended to assign time-delay Lo-Tag values to linked tangible explosives, because in the case of multiple tangible explosives, only the one with the largest sprite number will visibly and audibly explode.

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